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i4p’s revolutionary products offer exceptional services and a level of protection that is outstanding in the market. We provide ideal and flexible solutions for data protection challenges in several industries including banking and financial services, government and manufacturing as well as data safekeepers.

Our cutting edge solutions enable qualified trust service providers to overtake their competitors and launch state-of-the-art services in a fast and efficient manner including remote qualified signatures and timestamps.


Our products support enterprises and government agencies in meeting regulations and ensuring greater security for their sensitive data including personally identifiable information of their users and clients. By accessing our innovative portfolio, our channel partners, resellers and system integrators have the option to offer simple yet highly secure solutions to their customers.


An easy-to-integrate HSM provides multiple functions for different use cases, offering an ideal solution for data protection challenges.


Trident HSM is also the HSM in the world to combine high-level hardware security and multi-party computation to provide the highest level of data protection required in business.


The first eIDAS listed Remote Signature Solution with the Signature Activation Module (SAM) coming from the same vendor as the underlying Crypto Module (CM).


A Timestamp Server that ensures the tamper-proof creation and authenticity of timestamps for any purposes, with the reliability provided by the high level of security.


A Signature Formatting Server that is used for higher level signature formatting and a self-contained, fully functional module.


Trident HSM is the first hardware security module (HSM) in the world to combine high-level hardware security and multi-party computation in order to provide the highest level of data protection required in business.

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15 Sep: Types of HSMs

Now that we have covered what HSMs are and what features they offer, let’s take a look at the different types of HSMs!

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Trident HSM works together with Google CSE (Client-Side Encryption) feature made available worldwide by Google recently. As a Google Workspace user, you can store your Google Drive documents encrypted from now on. We believe it may be the big leap forward…https://lnkd.in/dQTmRMX7

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