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Byte Computer Case Study


🕹 The challenge: need for an up-to-date timestamping service

Byte Computer, one of the biggest and most important IT companies in Greece, must follow the regulations of the European Union as a QTSP and use solutions that comply with the strict standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. In order to meet all requirements, the company had to replace its timestamp solution in 2021, so they had to look for a contemporary product that implements all the necessary specifications and is updated regularly to stay up-to-date.

🧩 The Solution: Timestamp Meeting All Requirements

Experts of the company were already in contact with i4p due to a previous inquiry, so they decided to test Trident Timestamp Server and were really satisfied with the results.

i4p could provide Byte remote access to a trial version within a day, and after the successful test period, when the order was placed, the licenses were provided immediately. Byte’s new timestamp service based on Trident Timestamp Server was launched in November 2021 and has been working properly ever since. The deployment was easy, and Byte received all the support necessary; however, they did not have many questions because everything went seamlessly.

i4p is the vendor of Trident HSM, an easy-to-integrate HSM that provides multiple functions for different use cases, offering an ideal solution for data protection challenges. The product is capable of combining the high-level hardware security and multi-party computation to provide the highest level of data protection required in business.

🎯 Results: excellent timestamping service

Byte uses the product with great satisfaction alongside other QTSPs, thanks to which it can offer a convenient and compliant, always up-to-date timestamping service to its customers.

"We are pleased with the product and the support we receive from i4p. The deployment of the solution was fast and the containerized environment was an important advantage for us. We are in close contact with i4p and they are ready to further improve the product according to our feedback and include the features we requested in a short period of time.”

We were delighted to work together with one of the most important IT companies in Greece and we are glad that they were satisfied with our results. It was an exciting challenge to find a way to incorporate the features they requested in our product. We are open to new possibilities and keep on working on discovering new needs” said Ferenc Pető, CTO of i4p.

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Byte Computer S.A. is one of the most important and biggest companies providing comprehensive IT and communications solutions in Greece. Its leading position in the Greek market is the result of continuous investments in cutting-edge technologies and specialized human resources, in combination with powerful strategic partnerships with leading international organizations. As a result, Byte can provide its customers with access to high-quality, leading products, technologies, and services.


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