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We are IT Security experts with ~30 years of experience in product and service development, dedicated to providing safety for any data that is worth protecting. A recent study shows that cybersecurity has an emerging importance and is a very much necessary field in the future, which means there is a need for our expertise now more, than ever.

We always appreciate talents and global thinkers who have the potential to help us make today’s digital world a safer place. If you feel you could get behind the cause of protecting data of customers from all around the world with the most innovative technologies and products, i4p just might be the company for you!

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director of channel sales

i4p is a leading technology company in many IT and telecommunication fields with a worldwide presence, our market position is constantly growing thanks to the R&D focused organization and heavy investments we make to local presence. EBG is our Enterprise Business Group, a business divisions which is focusing on large enterprise and governmental customers.

Now we are offering a chance to join this Division as a Key Account Manager focusing on Government/Public sector customers in Hungary, based in our Budapest location where a massive site development project is under realization to create one of the biggest regional hubs of R&D, support and sales functions!

Seniority level: management
Employment type: full-time

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