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    Simplify your administrative processes with digital solutions

Organizations have been working on digitizing their processes for several years now, since it makes their operations faster and more agile, as well as cost-effective and up to date. The impacts of the 2020 pandemic have given a huge boost to this trend worldwide and even those companies had to move quickly that have not started to embrace digital transformation previously. It is a strong competitive advantage if organizations can keep up with the trends and expectations and offer greater security and convenience to their customers, partners, and employees. Therefore, it is worth exploring which areas can be improved including the administrative tasks and approval processes.

One of the important areas in this field is electronic signatures and seals. These solutions can facilitate electronic administration greatly including various approval processes where documents need to be signed or validated. In the “new normal” of the pandemic, people and organizations make significant efforts to switch to digital when it comes to administration processes. However, in most cases this means only small, almost trivial changes. Previously, the documents were signed in person in an office or sent by post. Now they are scanned and sent in e-mail, which is almost equal to the level of a fax machine.

This is cumbersome, and organizations are starting to realize that there are much simpler methods than that. In addition, scanning and e-mailing documents does not provide adequate security, as other signatures can be easily copied or forged on a scanned paper. It provides much stronger security if an electronic signature is used since it prevents forgery or even the alteration of the contents of the signed document.

There are several technologies and options available for organizations in this field. i4p helps you explore them in this white paper.

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  • how electronic seals and signatures can optimize your processes in your organization
  • what are the main characteristics and advantages of electronic signatures and seals
  • what is the difference between basic, advanced and qualified electronic signatures and seals and which one is the best choice for your enterprise and your purposes
  • how you, your customers and your employees can benefit from you advanced electronic signatures and seals
  • how to get started with implementing your system for issuing remote qualified electronic signatures and seals
  • how i4p can help you in finding the right solution for you and launch your electronic signature and seal service

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