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about Hardware security modules

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    Why every company needs HSM

An HSM is an effective tool to enhance the security of your organization and provide advanced protection for your sensitive data. It is a device that can handle digital keys in a secure way. The solution enables strong authentication and performs encryption and decryption functions for digital signatures. The effectiveness and reliability of HSMs is verified by international security certificates, so the owners of the HSM can rest assured that their data and processes are protected by proven methods and technologies.

State-of-the-art HSM modules like i4p’s Trident HSM can provide enhanced security for the data as they enable encryption of databases or on the level of applications. They offer best practice security solutions for other future-proof business solutions like credential management, authentication or SSL/TLS, the cryptographic protocols that secure communications over a computer network. They can be used for creating local and remote qualified signatures and QSEALs, if they meet the requirements of eIDAS, like the Trident HSM does. Therefore they are useful tools for code signing, in order to confirm the identity of the author of the software and to guarantee the code has not been altered or corrupted after it was signed. They can also provide the proper and secure background for document signing that is necessary for electronic invoicing.

So how do you choose the right HSM for your business purposes and needs? i4p guides you through this process in this ebook.

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  • what is a Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • why do you need an HSM
  • why is an HSM beneficial for your company
  • what type of HSMs are available and what are they useful for
  • how do you choose the right HSM for your organization
  • how do you deploy and use an HSM

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