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    PSD2 keys in Trident HSM

The new directive on payment services (PSD2) affects a great number of organizations, banks and service providers in the EU. According to the regulation, the financial service providers have to offer new opportunities for their customers and partners while maintaining the appropriate level of security for their customers’ data and their transactions. The purpose of this document is to explain how Trident HSM can help you meet the security-related conditions of PSD2. Storing your cryptographic keys on this eIDAS-approved device ensures that you fulfil the requirements while also enhancing the security of your systems.

The regulation aims to enable the customer base of banks to manage their finances in a simpler and more transparent way. To achieve this, financial institutions need to introduce new services and capabilities. However, the new services might create new data security issues that need to be addressed. One of these is that Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP) must allow certain (previously approved) external organizations to connect to their systems and access certain data, with the permission of the customers. This enables the third-party providers to offer personalized services to customers based on the information accessed.

All organizations that deal with PSD2 should set up their security levels in line with these categories. HSM provides the safest way in order to meet the requirements and ensure the appropriate level of security, data and communication among the service providers have to be protected with cryptographic keys. Since these keys ensure the protection of the sensitive information, they need to be stored the safest way possible.

By storing cryptographic keys on Trident HSM, Information security is not an issue, even after PSD2. Find out why from the whitepaper.

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